Bloch Ballet Shoes - Slippers

bloch shoes

Bloch Ballet flat and slipper shoes are perfect for the beginner through to the professional ballet dancer. Hand made in high quality leather, satin or canvas. Bloch ballet shoes are built to meet the highest demands of all ballet and dance routines. Bloch ballet flats come in full or split sole so you can create a perfect leg line. The pleating cross the toes of Bloch ballet flats are designed to give you maximum feedback from the floor.

Some of Bloch ballet flat designs have mesh or canvas inserts to the arch to allow for moisture control and to reduce ballet shoe wrinkle. All Bloch ballet flats come with suede sole to create a secure feel as you spin slide and turn.

Bloch ballet flats come in pink, nude and black, the satin versions can be dyed to match any costumes. Bloch Ballet flats, professional ballet shoes since 1932
bloch s0284l ladies performa canvas ballet shoes
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