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eurotard 13743c child polyester ephod
EU-13743C Child Eurotard Polyester Ephod
Regular Price: $19.00
On Sale For: $16.15 
eurotard 08803c child double ruffle flamenco skirt
Eurotard 08803C Child Double Ruffle Flamenco Skirt
Regular Price: $39.50
On Sale For: $33.75 
eurotard 11022c child polyester dress with rhinestone cross applique
Eurotard 11022C Child Polyester Dress with Rhinestone Cross Applique
Regular Price: $49.00
On Sale For: $41.65 
eurotard 11024c child polyester dress with praise rhinestone applique
Eurotard 11024C Child Polyester Dress with Praise Rhinestone Applique
Regular Price: $49.00
On Sale For: $41.65 
eurotard 11026c child polyester dress with rhinestone royal cross applique
Eurotard 11026C Child Polyester Dress with Rhinestone Royal Cross Applique
Regular Price: $49.00
On Sale For: $41.65 
eurotard 11524 polyester dress with shining cross applique
Eurotard 11524C Child Polyester Dress with Shining Cross Applique
Regular Price: $49.90
On Sale For: $41.65 
eurotard 13524c child polyester liturgical dress
Eurotard 13524C Child Polyester Liturgical Dress
Regular Price: $35.90
On Sale For: $30.55 
eurotard 13673c child unisex long sleeve peasant style blouse
Eurotard 13673C Child Unisex Long Sleeve Peasant Style Blouse
Regular Price: $23.90
On Sale For: $20.35 
eurotard 13674c child triple panel liturgical skirt
Eurotard 13674C Child Triple Panel Skirt
Regular Price: $34.00
On Sale For: $28.90 
eurotard 13696c children palazzo pants with elastic waist
Eurotard 13696C Child Palazzo Pants with Elastic Waist
Regular Price: $25.90
On Sale For: $21.25 
eurotard 13729c children angel sleeve dress
Eurotard 13729C Children Angel Sleeve Dress
Regular Price: $37.50
On Sale For: $31.85 
eurotard 13730c children unisex angel sleeve blouse
Eurotard 13730C Children Unisex Angel Sleeve Blouse
Regular Price: $26.00
On Sale For: $22.15 
eurotard 13736 shawl collared blouse
Eurotard 13736C Child Shawl Collared Blouse
Regular Price: $27.50
On Sale For: $20.95 
eurotard 13739c children  angel wing collar with back zipper and wrist cuffs
Eurotard 13739C Child Angel Wing Collar
Regular Price: $25.90
On Sale For: $22.15 
eurotard 13768c child chiffon single layered handkerchief metallic tutlle skirt or overlay
Eurotard 13768C Child Single Handkerchief Metallic Tulle Skirt or Overlay
Regular Price: $29.90
On Sale For: $25.45 
eurotard 13778c child single panel liturgical circle skirt
Eurotard 13778C Child Single Panel Circle Skirt
Regular Price: $23.95
On Sale For: $20.35 
eurotard 13779c child revelation dress
Eurotard 13779C Children Revelation Dress
Regular Price: $76.00
On Sale For: $64.75 
eurotard 13800c child praise dance inspiration shrug
Eurotard 13800C Child Praise Dance Inspiration Shrug
Regular Price: $27.90
On Sale For: $23.75 
eurotard 13813 children double layer peplum top with bell sleeves
Eurotard 13813C Child Eurotard Double Layer Peplum Top With Bell Sleeves
Regular Price: $36.00
On Sale For: $30.65 
Eurotard 13831C Boys Open Collar Peasant Style Praise Top
Eurotard 13831C Boys Open Collar Peasant Style Praise Top
Regular Price: $33.90
On Sale For: $28.85 
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